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Porcupine Quill Embroidery, Hide and Rawhide Painting, Brain Tanned Deer, Elk and Buffalo Hides, Historic Leather Clothing, and Primitive Horse Tack.

Hello and Welcome to the fascinating work of Jean M. Heinbuch.



Jean began studying these art forms over 40 years ago and has since, risen to prominence in her field. Many of her pieces are included in the collections of Museums, private collections and historical re-actors.

The author of two books, A Quillwork Companion and A Beadwork Companion. Jean has spent a lifetime perfecting techniques and searching for materials authentic to pre-1840 Native American cultures ; and then incorporating everything into multi media master pieces of North American native art.


  Jean M. Heinbuch, can be reached by mail; P.O. Box 116, Weippe, Id. 83553, phone # 208 643 2068 and 208 290 8735
Email address : jeanquillart@gmail.com


 A Quillwork Companion


A Beadwork Companion